In collaboration with Skillsoft, ITSkills4U runs an initiative for people in situations of social exclusion from the Valencian community to provide support in starting a career in IT.

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The program includes AWS Cloud training programs and certification, career webinars, exam preparation sessions and access to job opportunities.

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There are currently 592,968 Cloud vacancies across IT and other sectors

Training aligned with your profile and career goals:
  • if you are interested to start your IT career in the fast-growing Cloud industry
  • If you are new to IT but with experience in other sectors (finance, sales, healthcare, etc.) and ready to expand your career with tech skills
  • if you are an IT professional looking to boost your Cloud career 
Internationally recognized AWS certification that makes your CV stand out
Mentorship from AWS professionals
Career webinars
Access to jobs from our 40+ Employment Partners
If you have experience in non-IT sectors

Take the AWS Cloud Practitioner course. We will help you explore Cloud vacancies in Project Management, Business Analysis, Marketing, Sales or Financial Operations, etc. across different sectors.

If you want to start your career in IT

We will introduce you to Cloud technologies starting with the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course.

If you want to take your IT career on another level

We will guide you through getting new skills and help become a certified AWS Solutions Architect.

Choose your course
No IT background needed
AWS Cloud Practitioner
IT background needed
on AWS

ITSkills4U step by step

5 minutes
Join the program

Explore the variety of AWS courses and fill out the form with your contact info.

1-8 hours
Self learning and assessment

Check out the self-learning guide and the link to the assessment test.

30 minutes
Schedule a call with the program coordinator

Schedule a call with the program coordinator to confirm your citizenship and eligibility to participate in the course. Last step would be completing a formal call with our coordinator so we can be sure you’re eligible to have a seat in the instructor-led group. You will receive the instructions to schedule a call via email.

5-8 days
ILT Training

This is a pilot program and we will be able to offer the seat only to selected participants. Upon completion of the steps outlined above we will inform you if we can offer you a seat.  If you’re selected you will recieve a confirmation email with training course details. Join our Telegram chat channels for updates. Make sure you plan your time – you have to attend at least 70% of the sessions.

1 month
Prepare for the exam

Attend our exam preparation programs and Q&As with instructors where you will be doing practical tasks. Take the pre-certification assessment test and we will send you your free voucher for the AWS Certification exam (valid for 2 months).

2 hours
Take the exam and get certified

Once you pass the AWS Certification exam – stay with us! We will be sending you Cloud vacancies and we will invite you to job fairs. Also, you can continue studying with us to get prepared for other AWS Certifications.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? He’re We’re here to help you.

ITSkills4U is a comprehensive program developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for people who are interested in expanding their job opportunities in non-IT roles, switching to IT or advancing their IT career.

The program includes AWS cloud training programs and certification, language classes in English and Polish, career related webinars and mentorship, job fairs and access to job opportunities from our 40+ Employment Partners.

It is a special initiative for residents of the Valencian Community. During the Program we will offer free seats for Instructor-led courses for: socially vulnerable Spanish citizens who are unemployed or are from a low-income household, and also forcibly displaced populations of different nationalities seeking asylum or refugees, residing in the Valencian region.

Every resident of Valencia Community who is 18 years of age or older and meets the following criteria:

  1. Spaniards – Spanish citizenship, at risk of poverty or social exclusion or unemployed.
  2. Other nationalities – person who has applied for or has been granted international protection: i.e., is an asylum seeker, refugee, beneficiary of temporary protection, or beneficiary of subsidiary protection. OR:

Not in the asylum system but has been forcibly displaced – i.e., forced to leave their home countries due to unfavourable/unsafe circumstances such as conflict, violence, human rights violations, persecution, or disasters (i.e., we are not looking for economic migrants who were not in a vulnerable position prior to their move)

*If you’re Ukrainian, please do not apply to this program. You make use of the current extensive ITSkills4U offering for Ukrainians:

  1. If you are a Spanish citizen – Spanish passport or DNI and proof of less than €500 monthly household income (1 person), €625 (family of 2), €750 (family of 3). The scale should be increased by €50 for each additional family member. OR: for unemployed, proof of receiving unemployment benefits (DARDE (- Document for Registration and Renewal of Employment Demand) issued by public employment services
  2. If you are refugee or asylum seeking Forcibly displaced – ID Card (tarjeta roja, TIE (foreign identity card) and Proof of residency such as census or empadronamiento (residency certificate))

First you need to register using our registration form. You will then receive an email informing you of the next steps.

Not necessarily. We offer a number of AWS Cloud courses specifically designed for different skill levels for participants with little to no IT experience as well as for IT professionals.

If you want to start your career in IT and you are new to IT, the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course will introduce you to Cloud technologies (no IT background or coding experience required). If you have experience in non-IT sectors, the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course will introduce you to Cloud technologies. Also we will help you explore Cloud vacancies in Project Management, Business Analysis, Marketing, Sales or Financial Operations, etc., across different sectors. If you want to advance your IT career with AWS, you can opt for Architecting on AWS.

Not necessarily. It’s up to you. There are several scenarios:

  • If you’d like to become a programmer and you have no IT background, you can start with our AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, but you also need to grow your coding experience on your own in parallel.
  • If you’d like to learn tech skills which are now required in areas such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, Analytics, Project Management, and many more (since these companies worldwide use AWS Cloud technologies in their operations), you can take our AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials and get certified. This will help you become more competitive in the global job market.
  • If you’d like to boost your current IT career, to get AWS certified , you can take Architecting on AWS and then pass the certification.

Yes. You can combine your professional skills in finance, sales, business analysis, logistics, data analytics (or other areas) with knowledge of AWS Cloud technology which is now used by millions of companies, banks, governments and others globally. Take the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course.

An AWS certificate is an important advantage to have on your CV for international employers. Companies from every segment (Fintech, Banking, Healthcare, Logistics, Engineering or Manufacturing, and many more) heavily use Cloud technology for their operations. So you will have a chance to upgrade your expertise in Project or Program Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Data Management, Business Analysis, etc., with Cloud technology knowledge.

You can take online self-paced courses at any time.

Instructor-led courses depend on your level: For example 12-15 hours for AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (e.g. delivered in the evenings from Monday through Thursday). Architecting on AWS is 20-40 hours split into days/evening sessions. AWS accredited Training Partners will be offering their dates for instructor-led courses. Our team will discuss the schedule with you once you register, complete self-paced learning and pass skill placement tests.

We expect you to allocate enough time for self-study, attending instructor-led sessions, and preparation for AWS exams. You should attend a minimum of 70% of the instructor-led courses.

The completion of the program does not guarantee a job, however AWS certification greatly improves your chances to find a job.

You will have access to job offers from our 40+ Employment Partners – companies from Ukraine, EU, UK, US and other countries. And with AWS certification you can also apply for vacancies on global job search websites.

We will provide you with support such as employment readiness training and CV preparation. We will invite you to job fairs, interview readiness sessions, webinars on Cloud career and many more.

The voucher gives you a 100% discount for the AWS Certification exam. After completing either an instructor-led course or self-paced course you will be asked to take a test.

After you pass the test you will receive the voucher by email. The voucher will be valid for 2 months.

We do not share recordings or any other proprietary information. The information provided during the courses and materials used by the instructor are the intellectual property of AWS.

Students are required to attend at least 70% of the course lessons and will be provided with a handbook to help them prepare for the exam.

Meet the training provider

Skillsoft Global Knowledge is a leading global IT and technology training company that helps individuals and organizations develop the skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Global Knowledge Network Spain, S.L.U. began its activity in 1995 to respond to market demands for Certified IT Training. Since that year, one of its fundamental pillars has been to consolidate and expand its portfolio to offer its customers a wide range of training from major IT manufacturers (AWS, CISCO, VMware, Microsoft, Google, etc.) and in the area of Best Practices (processes).

With an international network of offices and training centers, Global Knowledge has the flexibility to deliver courses in more than 100 countries, in classes, and through a worldwide network of partners.

In June 2021, Global Knowledge merged with Skillsoft to create Skillsoft Global Knowledge, the leading company in corporate training covering all modalities. They combine the best live training with the most extensive offer of online technology training content in the world, including the prestigious Codecademy.

ITSkills4U Employment Partners

Increase your employment opportunities with a variety of some of the top IT companies and banks globally. Our employment partners are waiting for your CVs. Please state in the CV that you have completed the ITSkills4U course.

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