Frequently Asked Questions

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ITSkills4U is a comprehensive program developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Ukrainian citizens who are interested in expanding their job opportunities in non-IT roles, switching to IT or advancing their IT career.

The program includes AWS cloud training programs and certification, language classes in English and Polish, career related webinars and mentorship, job fairs and access to job opportunities from our 40+ Employment Partners.

The Program is free for Ukrainians.

Every Ukrainian citizen who has reached the age of 18 and is motivated to learn new Cloud skills is eligible to apply for the program:

  • If you want to start in IT and get basic cloud-related knowledge
  • If you have experience in other non-IT sectors and want to add new cloud skills to advance your career
  • If you are the IT professional with the goal to get AWS cloud certification

NOTE, you will need to confirm your Ukrainian citizenship in order to join the program.

Not necessarily. We offer a number of the AWS cloud courses specifically designed for different skill levels for participants with no or basic IT experience and IT professionals.

  1. If you want to start your career in IT and you are new to IT
    AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course will introduce you to Cloud technologies (no IT background or coding experience required).
  2. If you have experience in non-IT sectors
    AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course will introduce you to Cloud technologies. Also we will help you explore Cloud vacancies in Project Management, Business Analysis, Marketing, Sales or Financial Operations, etc., across different sectors.
  3. If you want advance your IT career with AWS, you can opt for:
    – Architecting on AWS
    – Developing on AWS
    – Systems Operations on AWS

Not necessarily. It’s up to you. There are several scenarios:

  • If you’d like to become a programmer and you have no IT background, you can start with our AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, but you also need to grow your coding experience on your own in parallel.
  • If you’d like to learn tech skills which are now required in areas such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, Analytics, Project Management, and many more (since these companies worldwide use AWS Cloud technologies in their operations), you can take our AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials and get certified. This will help you become more competitive on the global job market
  • If you’d like to upgrade your current IT career, to get AWS certified , you can take Architecting on AWS, Developing on AWS, Systems Operations on AWS courses and then pass the certification.

Yes. You can combine your professional skills in finance, sales, business analysis, logistics, data analytics (or other areas) with knowledge of AWS Cloud technology which is now used by millions of companies, banks, governments and others globally. Take the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course.

An AWS certificate is an important advantage of your CV for international employers.
Companies from every segment (Fintech, Banking, Healthcare, Logistics, Engineering or Manufacturing, and many more) heavily use Cloud technology for their operations.  So you will have a chance to upgrade your expertise in Project or Program Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Data Management, Business Analysis, etc., with Cloud technology knowledge.

It depends on your previous experience, level of expertise and practical skills such as developing complex organisational architecture, etc. If you are new to IT, we cannot guarantee your immediate proficiency in solution architecture or other competencies since they require deep knowledge of IT and AWS Cloud concepts and a good amount of practical experience. But it’s a good starting point to learn AWS Cloud, earn your international certifications and develop your career. The AWS certificate gives you a solid professional background and a future career advantage.

Our course Architecting on AWS provides you with knowledge and practical skills that will help you prepare for the e certification exam, however this is the only one of the steps in learning AWS Cloud.

You need English in order to take AWS certification and find a job with international employers.  We offer you English courses so that you can improve your skills. Our self-paced courses on AWS Cloud are available in English and Ukrainian. Instructor-led courses are either in English only or delivered in Ukrainian with materials in English.

You can take online self-paced courses at any time.

Instructor-led courses depend on the level: can be for example 12 hours for AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (e.g. delivered on Saturdays and Sundays, or on working days in the evenings). Architecting on AWS is 5 full days or can be split into more days/sessions in the evenings. AWS accredited Training Partners will be offering their dates for instructor-led courses.Our team will discuss the schedule with you once you register, complete self-paced learning and pass tests.

We expect you to allocate enough time for self-study, attending instructor-led sessions, and preparation for AWS exams. You should attend a minimum 70% of instructor-led courses.

The completion of the program does not guarantee a job, however AWS certification improves your chances to find a job.

You will have access to job offers from our 40+ Employment Partners – companies from Ukraine, EU, UK, US and other countries. And with AWS certification you can also apply for vacancies on global job search websites.

We will provide you support with employment readiness trainings, CV preparation, and English/Polish classes. We will invite you to job fairs, interview readiness sessions, webinars on Cloud career and many more.

The voucher gives you 100% discount for the AWS Certification exam. After completing either an instructor-led course or self-paced course you will be asked to take a test.

After you pass the test you will receive the voucher by email. The voucher will be valid for 2 months.

Yes, you can.
You will start with one course and after passing the AWS Certification exam we encourage you to continue studying with us and take the next level course and exam.

For instance, after successful completion of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, you can enroll for the Architecting on AWS course and get a free voucher for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam.

According to the Terms and Conditions, our Program is free of charge for Ukrainians and all participants are required to confirm their Ukrainian citizenship. We strive to provide the best opportunities for the authorised participants.

We do not gather nor keep your personal passport/ID details or photos. It is processed by trusted third party, is used for one-time confirmation only and will be deleted once verification is completed during 24 hours after your data is received.

We don’t share recordings or any other proprietary information. The information provided during the courses and materials used by the instructor are the intellectual property of AWS.

Students are required to attend at least 70% of the course lessons and will be provided with a handbook to help them prepare for the exam.

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